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Computer Service & Repair


Computer Service, located in 74 Durham Center, helps Iowa State University students, faculty, staff, and departments with a variety of hardware problems.

Individual customers must bring their equipment to 74 Durham Center. Departmental clients may bring in their university-owned equipment, request pickup using the Computer Service Pickup Request, or request an on-site visit (for an additional fee).


Fall & Spring Semesters Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm*
Summer Monday - Friday, 7:30 am - 4:00 pm*

* Closed for University holidays.


In addition to repairing hardware, Computer Service can:

  • Set up a client's machine to use Ethernet or Wireless as available on the ISU campus.
  • Evaluate, recommend, and install peripheral cards and drives into supported brands.
  • Install additional memory.
  • Provide Computer Data Recovery for any brand of machine.


Personal repairs can be charged to a customer's U-Bill or to a MasterCard or Visa credit card. Departmental repairs must be billed to intramural purchase orders (IPOs). Departments that use our services extensively are encouraged to establish standing IPOs to streamline this process.

The following rates apply to faculty, staff, and department installations and services.

Service Cost /Unit
Warranty Problem Diagnosis Variable*
Memory Installation $26.00 /computer**
Peripheral Device Installation $39.00 /device**
Software Installation† $39.00 /title (minimum)**
Operating System Installation† $104.00 /computer***
Basic Computer Data Recovery $67.00 /computer
Pickup/Delivery Service (for university-owned equipment) No charge
On-Site Service $52.00 /hour (3/4-hour minimum)**
Priority Service $100.00 /device

* Depends on computer and warranty coverage. For machines under warranty, a standard labor rate of $52.00 applies when not covered by vendor.

** Does not include cost of parts.

*** proof of ownership required.

† computer must be in good working order.